INS Carles Vallbona – English Day

From February 18th to 22nd the ‘English Week’ was celebrated at Institut Carles Vallbona.

Several activities were developed during the week.

– Workshops and board games in the hall organized by 1st ESO students
– Live karaoke for 3rd and 4th ESO students in the coworking room
– Magic in English for the 1st and 2nd of ESO in the multi-purpose room
– Scottish Dances for 1st and 2nd BAT in the coworking room
– Animal Shelters info point in the hall organized by 3rd ESO students
– American English versus British English Talk in the coworking room
– Tasting of American and British sandwiches
– English lessons in many subjects, and use of audiovisual materials in English in almost all lessons

The English language assistants, Lucy and Alex, chose English and American tunes for the class changes during the week.

You can find a collection of pictures and videos below.