Fostering Oral Expression in our English Lessons

This talk organised by the English Day’18 Seminar at Vallès Oriental I was held on 25th June from 9:45 to 12:00.

The talk was given by Manel Piñeiro, English teacher at Escola Els Secallets in Comarruga and CLIL teacher trainer with a long experience and expertise.


We all know the importance of oral speech to improve our students’ English language command. But we also know how difficult it is to engage them in conversations or oral interactions longer than using mere single words. How can we manage the English lessons to create situations in which students feel confident to talk? How can we get our students to speak freely in front of their classmates and teachers?


– Strategies that foster oral speech
– Situations that promote oral communication
– English lessons ethos to encourage oral communication 


– To reflect upon the issues that may prevent our students from talking in English lessons
– To get acquainted with several strategies and situations that may arise the need to communicate orally


To access the documents please follow the link: Materials Folder