Escola L’Estel – English Day 2019

El passat dimarts 26 de febrer, l’Escola L’Estel va celebrar l´English Day, jornada que, com cada any, van dedicar a la pràctica i aprenentatge de la llengua anglesa a partir de diferents activitats potenciant especialment la interacció entre cicles i etapes (E. Infantil / E. Primària / ESO).

El tema de la jornada d’enguany va ser English around the world! Do you speak English? que també va ser el motiu de la nostra Carnival Parade.

English Day 2019 Topic: English around the world!
Morning: Children developed some activities related to four English speaking countries such as the USA, Scotland, Ireland and Hawaii. Secondary students (ESO) interacted with children and they applied activities created by themselves.

Infantil—> Hawaii: They focused on vocabulary using flashcards and games.
Cicle Inicial —> The USA: They played games to learn characteristics of the most important things about New York.
Cicle Mitjà—> Scotland: Tthey worked on the Loch Ness.
Cicle Superior—> Ireland: They concentrated on the history of Ireland.

Afternoon: They continued doing activities about the country.
Infantil —> They played the hung treasure with games.
CI —> They recorded a video talking about New York and the USA, particularly about important buildings and main monuments in the city.
CM—> They created a board game with the Ness creature, doing drawings and writing questions.
CS —> They worked on Saint Patrick’s Day