Teatre en anglès 2016/17


La pobra Cinderella té uns quants problemes: una horrible germanastra, una fada madrina gairebé sorda –a més de despistada– i un príncep blau miop. La podem ajudar? És clar que sí!

Nivell: 1r, 2n i 3r de primària

Data: 7 de novembre de 2016

Billy Banjo

En Billy és músic, somiador, il·lús, o segons la seva dona Kate, un mandrós inútil. Farta de la seva pobresa, la Kate el fa fora de casa perquè busqui la seva fortuna. Amb l’ajuda del seu banjo, del públic i d’un bandit misteriós Billy intenta guanyar 1000 $ i recuperar l’amor de la Kate.

Nivell: 4t, 5è i 6è de primària

Data: 11 de maig de 2017


Sherlock Holmes’ granddaughter reads in the newspaper that the Crown Jewels have been stolen from the Tower of London, and that there is a reward of £50,000 for their recovery. Just as she is thinking about how she’s going to find them, she receives a letter and a clue. It’s an opportunity not to be missed. She decides to follow the clue which takes her on a journey around London. On the way she meets a policeman, Policeman Plod, who is also looking for the Crown Jewels. Who will find them first? Who stole them in the first place? Follow Sherlock’s adventures around the capital and discover more about London’s famous people and places. From the London Eye to the underground, our audience is asked to jump on board and solve the crime of the century

Nivell: primària

Data: 23 de febrer de 2017


“Wavelength” tells the story of Lisa, Sammy and Nick. The play begins as Lisa and Sammy are going to
see their favourite band, “The Tunes”, in concert. Lisa is late, as usual! They both love music and want to be singers. Lisa is very excited because she is going to audition for a famous band called “Wavelength”.

Nivell: 1r, 2n i 3r d’ESO

Data: 1 de febrer de 2017

The Missing

The Missing is set in the 1920’s in Chicago, USA. The story happens in the context of the prohibition and censorship period in the USA when alcohol was prohibited. During this time alcohol was imported illegally by gangs. It was stored in warehouses and sold on the street and in illegal bars called “Speakeasies”. The Missing tells the story of Big Tuna, the leader of the gang The Tunas. He imports alcohol and has his own Speakeasy bar.

Nivell: 1r i 2n d’ESO

Data: 2 de febrer de 2017