Teaching & learning English in the time of Covid-19

Covid-19 has changed the way we live in, learn and communicate, perhaps permanently. The educational world as we know it has undergone one of the most dramatic changes ever experienced and it stands to reason that the educational system must find ways to adapt to this hectic situation, not only now but also consider ways to integrate lessons learnt into our future teaching.

This is why we are organizing an ‘Edcamp’ called: Teaching and learning English in the time of Covid-19 on February 17th 2021.This type of event is spontaneous, organic, user-friendly and open to everyone and will be held online and it will be organized via simultaneous videoconferences.In this Edcamp we will discuss teaching and learning English in this time of pandemic. Our main goal of this event is to share and learn among all the educational community (teachers, teacher educators, families, teachers-to-be, students,…).

The proposal of topics of conversation will be shared previous to the Edcamp. From today until February 10th, you can access to   this Padlet   and suggest what you would like to share as a topic of conversation.This innovative Edcamp is organized by CRP Vallès Oriental IV. The Edcamp organizing team will arrange and clasify these topics to create an interesting & wide ranging session’s map with the links to the videoconferences in order to share it with before February 15th. The idea is that in this way the participants are able to think about which conversation they are most interested in participating in beforehand.Cheer up and sign up for the first foreign language teaching Edcamp!We hope you will join us in the 17th of February to discuss, connect, learn and grow! You will have voice and choice. Come and join the first foreign language teaching virtual Edcamp!



17:15h – 17:30h Welcome to the first Edcamp about foreign language teaching

17:30h – 18:25h Sessions 1

18:25h – 18:35h Break

18:35h – 19:30h Sessions 2

19:45h – 20:00h Final Wrap up


Place of event:



Tips for a good discussion in an Online Edcamp:

– Use headphones to prevent other participants from hearing background noises and being able to connect to the conversation.

– If you’re using a mobile or tablet, download the Google Meet app, if you’re using a computer, use Chrome as your browser.

– You can download the Chrome extension for the Meet “Google Meet Grid View”, so you can see all participants at once on the screen 😉

– Finally, we recommend turning off the microphone when you are not talking, as this will make the sound of the conversation much cleaner. When you want to participate, reactivate it and say yours. And above all, do not be ashamed or afraid to say what you think and feel, that the online format does not deprive you of enjoying a great afternoon full of learning and good times!A couple of days before the Edcamp we will send all participants a reminder email with all the information to consider and the final session’s map, with the links to the videoconferences so that the experience of this Edcamp Online is great!

Link to sign up! 

Link to the Edcamp website!