English Box Primary

 (Educació Infantil i Educació Primària)

TÍTOL Tipus de recurs CD /CD-rom/DVD Quadern d’activitats
1 A new dog conte
2 A new dog (conte gegant) conte
3 Animals conte
4 Animals at the zoo (conte gegant) conte si si
5 Art and crafts with children  llibre de consulta
6 At school  conte
7 At the supermarket conte
8 At the supermarket conte
9 At the supermarket conte
10 Axle Tom  conte
11 Baby robot  conte
12 Big Book. Activity Pack. Room on the Broom. MonkeyPuzzle. The Gruffalo quadern d’activitats si
13 Big Books. Pack 2. Notas y actividades. Animals at the Zoo. Nelly Paints a Monster. Can I have a Pet? quadern d’activitats si si
14 Big Max and the oil rig  conte
15 Blowing Bubbles conte
16 Button soup  conte
17 Cambridge Storybooks. Level 1 CD-ROM si
18 Cambridge Storybooks. Level 2 CD-ROM si
19 Can I have a Pet? (conte gegant) conte
20 Cinderella  conte
21 Colors conte
22 Dad conte
23 Dick Whittington and his cat (grade 2) conte
24 Dinner’s ready!. A Pig’s book of table manners conte si
25 Dorothy conte
26 English for Primary Teachers. A handbook of activities & Classroom language llibre de consulta
27 Family plays llibre (sketchos)
28 Getting up conte
29 Ghost plays  llibre (sketchos)
30 Gran  conte
31 Grand old Duke of York DVD si
32 Hatman’s holiday conte
33 Hocus & Lotus 2 3 làmines DIN4 en blanc i negre plastificades
34 Instant Lessons. Lesson plans for teachers llibre de consulta
35 Is it a butterfly? conte
36 It’s time to get dressed. Temps per vestir-se   conte
37 It’s time to get dressed. Temps per vestir-se   conte
38 Jack and his computer  conte
39 Jack loves dressing up conte
40 Let us go!. Anem! conte
41 Let us go!. Anem! conte
42 Look out! conte
43 Lucky duck.  Macmillan conte
44 Monkey puzzle. Big Book. Macmillan conte
45 Mum conte
46 Muzy and the Gondoland disco conte
47 Muzzy and the funfair adventure conte
48 Muzzy and the great Gondoland games  conte
49 Muzzy and the king’s birthday  conte
50 Muzzy and the mystery plant  conte
51 Muzzy at the seaside  conte
52 My daddy is a giant conte
53 Nelly paints a Monster (conte gegant) conte
54 New trainers conte
55 New trainers (conte gegant) conte
56 No fuss. English photocopiables. Scholastic (7-11 year olds)
57 Old Sally conte
58 Pingu loves English songs CD-Rom si
59 Poppet (conte gegant) conte
60 Postman Bear conte
61 Puss in boots  conte
62 Rapunzel  conte
63 Robot plays  llibre (sketchos)
64 Room on the Broom (conte gegant) conte si
65 Rubby Flew too!. Macmillan conte
66 Rundown on Robots  conte
67 Salty to the rescue  conte
68 Say hello to the animals! conte
69 Say Hello to the Baby Animals  conte
70 Sharing a Shell conte
71 Sing out loud. Children’s songs 26 pòsters de cançons infantils
72 Six Dinner Sid conte si
73 Sleeping Beauty conte
74 Stage 1 and 1 + , 18 Talking stories  CD-ROM
75 Teaching notes. Stage 1 Kipper Stories. Oxford Reading Tree llibre de consulta
76 Teaching notes. Stage 2   Stories. Oxford Reading Tree llibre de consulta
77 Tell it Again! llibre del professor/a + material fotocopiable
78 The big pancake (grade 1) conte
79 The black dog  conte
80 The cave kids  conte
81 The cave kids have a party  conte
82 The crazy sandwich bar  conte
83 The dream conte
84 The dream (conte gegant)  conte
85 The Emperor’s new clothes (grade 1) conte
86 The enormous turnip. Classic tales. Oxford conte
87 The fastest trolley in the world  conte
88 The four musicians  conte
89 The frog and the crocodile  conte
90 The go Kart conte
91 The go Kart (conte gegant)  conte
92 The Gruffalo (conte gegant) conte si si
93 The Haircut conte
94 The Haircut (conte gegant)  conte
95 The hairy tree man  conte
96 The Jungle Grammar Book 2 conte
97 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow  conte si
98 The Library conte
99 The Lion and the Mouse conte
100 The Lion and the Mouse. Aesop conte
101 The Lost Teddy conte
102 The mysterious Island conte. Express Publishing si
103 The music box. Songs and activities for children  cançons si
104 The Pitta Patta birds  conte
105 The princess and the pea  conte
106 The sheriff  conte
107 The skit book. 101 skits from kids petits esbossos teatrals
108 The tortoise and the hare two stories. Phonix readers conte
109 The toys’ party conte
110 The toys’ party (conte gegant)  conte
111 The Tyrannosaurus drip song conte/partitura
112 The Tyrannosaurus drip song conte/partitura
113 The Tyrannosaurus drip song  conte/partitura
114 The ugly duckling conte
115 The unhappy ghost  conte
116 The wind in the willows conte . Express Publishing
117 The wolf and the seven little kids (grade 2) conte
118 Tim  conte
119 Very young learners  Llibre de consulta
120 What a bad dog! conte
121 What a bad dog! (conte gegant) conte
122 What a bad dog! (conte gegant)  conte
123 Where’s that monkey? conte
124 Wild-west Winnie  llibre de consulta
125 Wriggle and roar!. Rhymes to join in with. llibre de rimes
126 Young Learners Llibre de consulta