Empowering Women

Welcome to the world of courageous women who changed the world.

From chemistry labs to World Championship podiums and equality marches, these ladies changed the world — forging ahead while striving against adversity. Each one of their contributions have profoundly shaped our world.  In their honor, we invite you to take a look at these brave, empowering, and inspiring women.


Recursos físics en préstec

  • Who is she?  A wooden guessing game about extraordinary women who changed the world.



Key competencies for lifelong learning. Personal and social sphere

Self-awareness Dimension

      • Competence  1. Become aware of yourself and get involved in the process of personal growth.

Participation Dimension

      • Competence 4.  Participate in the classroom, in the center and in the environment in a thoughtful and responsible way.

Key competencies for lifelong learning. Social sphere

Historical dimension

    • Competence 1. To analyze the changes and continuities of historical events or phenomena to understand the  historical causality.
    • Competence 3. To interpret that the present is the product of the past in order to understand that the future is the result of the current decisions and actions.
    • Competence 4. To identify and to value individual and collective identity in order to understand their intervention in the construction of historical subjects.

Citizenship dimension

    • Competence 11. To form your own criteria on relevant social problems in order to develop critical thinking.
    • Competence 12. Participate actively and in a committed way in projects in order to exercise rights, duties responsibilities of a democratic society.
    • Competence 13. Speak out and commit to the defense of justice, freedom and equality between men and women.