Scottish Dancing & Songs in Schools

Pot-lateralBy David Vivanco.

This activity is a taste of Scottish culture by learning ‘Ceilidh’ group dances and folk songs. Listen and respond to stories and humour, relating to historic and contemporary Scotland (includes bagpipe demonstration!).

With the Scottish Dancing and Songs the students will be able to learn easy dances and join in with folk songs in an inclusive atmosphere, using simple English vocabulary and some new words too!. Very useful to improve in English, P.A. and Music subjects.

Requirements: Space for dancing (School gym / Large Classroom), a good quality sound system for amplification.

The activity will take place from the 17th March until the 1st April 2020. Prices and conditions:

Age of students Max. group size Sessions per morning Total price
8-12yrs (Primary) 50 2 x 90 mins 350.00 €
8-12yrs (Primary) 50 3 x 80 mins 525.00 €
13-14yrs 30 3 x 80 mins 405.00 €
15-18yrs 60 2 x 90 mins 420.00 €
15-18yrs 60 3 x 80 mins 630.00 €
Evening Event 100 adults 1 x 120 mins 350.00 €
The El Pot program will make a financial contribution of 1.00 € per student.
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